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Track List
About the Music

1. Undead

2. Naked

3. Black Maserati

4. Last Count

5. In Time

6. Theme from Fluffy  the English Vampire Slayer

Originally conceived to provide music for the cult British spoof movie, Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer, the inspiration for the music of Noscaferatu comes from the mysterious and dangerous world of vampires and vampire slayers.  However, where the film is light and spoofy, the music is heavy, dark and sexy.

In Undead, we are introduced to the concept that all is not as it may seem with a young girl and she does in fact possess extraordinary powers, despite her look of childlike innocence.  

Naked is perhaps the darkest of the songs, taking us into a very twilight world, where freedom is won through the darkest of pastimes...

Black Maserati is a lighter interlude, where we might imagine the drudgery of every day life  transformed by the simple pleasures of a fast car and a little loving...

Last Count brings us back to the vampire’s lair and is a direct reference to the end of the line for Fluffy’s nemesis, the Count.

Finally, in In Time two lovers are re-united through their own blood-lusts.

And as a bonus, the Theme to the film is included...


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28 February 2013